Meet the Team.


Sean Schaefer

Sean is masterful at bringing software products to life in the cloud. In addition to his 10+ years of experience as a lead developer for multiple organizations, Sean has championed the use of Kubernetes to manage sophisticated containerized deployments in several cloud environments. Coupled with his familiarity of designing and implementing enterprise software architectures, his focus on infrastructure automation allows complex SaaS systems to be deployed easily and operated seamlessly. Sean also has a passion for data science and artificial intelligence. Sean earned a BS in Computer Science from Arizona State University.


Chad Bellin

Chad is an experienced, technology-focused executive skilled in management, strategy, product development and innovation. His 24 year career includes over 15 years of senior technical management experience in various industries. Chad builds great teams, and is able to guide them through evolution and change. As a solution thinker, he thrives as a product owner, always looking to improve the user experience. An exceptional communicator, Chad is often the bridge between complex technical problems and real business results. He holds a BS in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Marquette University.


Aaron Merryman

Aaron designs and builds complex software, and is known for always having multiple projects going at once. He has a passion for frameworks and platforms, and embraces using new tools and techniques to save time and reduce complexity. Whether it’s server-side libraries, APIs, dashboards or implementing UI, Aaron will gladly dig in and take the lead. In addition to developing a keen product eye in his 10 years of experience, Aaron is also a patient mentor for junior engineers. Aaron has a BS in Applied Computer Science from Arizona State University.