Our team is excited to work with you on your project. We can help with many things, so what you’re looking for may or may not be specifically listed below. That’s where our Free Consultation comes in. You don’t ever have to wonder whether or not choosing Disca is right for you. We will meet with you to understand your needs and answer your questions. From there, we’ll agree on how Disca can help. If a project is not a fit, it’s likely that we can make introductions to other partners who would be better positioned to handle the work. All of the services listed below are available for enterprise software, Software as a Service (SaaS), websites and apps.

Software Design and Architecture

This is often the most critical work on any project. In a design or architecture engagement, our experts will take your project idea, along with your timeline and other constraints and map out the implementation. Typically, this is a new project, but even if there’s some work already done our team can dive in and define the steps forward.

Software Development

When you have a great idea and your design is already in place, sometimes you just need to know the coding is in good hands. We will make your project come to life. Our team will take the lead or work alongside others on your agile team to produce working, tested and documented code.

DevOps / Cloud Infrastructure

Understanding how to deploy, run and then update software running on AWS, Google Cloud, Azure or elsewhere is complex. Ensuring uptime, global availability and security can be a massive task. Creating structure and sanity in the cloud is a goal we can help you achieve and maintain.

Product Management

Gathering requirements, writing stories and maintaining the roadmap drives the blueprints from which your software is created. If the market is missed, or the features the team is implementing aren’t correct, time and money will be wasted. Let our Product experience guide your scrum teams to predictable success.

Software and Technology Consulting

When you’re not sure what you need, but you know you need something, we can assign the right technology Principal to work with you. They will then leverage our decades of experience and our vast professional network to recommend the right solution. The minimum consultation is a half-day, and pricing starts at $1,000 per consulting engagement.

Coaching and Mentoring, Transition Management

Sometimes you know you have the right people, and they need a little boost. Sometimes you know you don’t have the right people and you need to make a change. Coaching can be a valuable investment for your top performers (or for the whole team) to bring out the best in their talents. When there’s a change on the horizon - or one happens unexpectedly - trust our experienced Principals to help you navigate the challenges.

Staff Augmentation

You’ve identified a gap on your team, and you need some quick assistance. Whether the need is just for the rest of the sprint or for the longer term, we’re excited to find the right people to jump in. It goes without saying that you’ll need the right skillset, but we’ll help find the perfect “team fit” too.

eLearning Technology

Our team has collectively spent years working with eLearning, training and gamification platforms and other related technologies. Our expertise is valuable on a strategic level in determining the options available to train your employees or customers. We can also dive into the details of new or existing eLearning modules, Learning Management Systems (LMS), authoring tools, SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004 files, xAPI packages and more. You will also benefit from our vast network of eLearning partners and vendors as you build a world class learning and training program.